Cesaro On Find Out The Bar Was Splitting Up, Mick Foley Pushing For Them To Be A Team, More

WWE Raw Superstar, Cesaro recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of Talk Sport about The Bar splitting up and how he found out about it.

On finding out The Bar was splitting up:

“Well I was actually traded after the Superstar Shakeup, so I actually thought that The Bar had not been broken up, then all of a sudden I get a message and it’s like, “hey, your travel’s changed” so I am like, okay, I’m a Raw guy now. But that’s the thing in WWE, enjoy the moment whilst you’re in it because if you always focus on what is next or this is so good in the past you tend to forget about the moment. That’s why me and Sheamus had so much fun because we enjoyed being in the moment, so you cannot worry about what is going to happen.”

On Mick Foley legitimately pushing for them to be a team:

“For all I know, yes, it was his idea to put us together because he saw something in that which is why he lobbied for the best of seven series and then to make us a team.”

On not turning on each other to split up:

“It’s great because with the brand split it was a clean split and we can always go back to it.”

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EXCLUSIVE: @WWECesaro talks all things The Bar.

– @RealMickFoley really did lobby to put them together
– The Jar with @SamoaJoe
– Not having to turn on @WWESheamus and visa-versa
– Future Bar reunions

— Alex McCarthy (@AlexM_talkSPORT) May 14, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: @WWECesaro found out The Bar were splitting up when #WWE changed his travel plans and he realised he was on #RAW. No heads up.

— Alex McCarthy (@AlexM_talkSPORT) May 14, 2019