Acid Attack Victim Who Managed To Find Love On Facebook Is Looking Forward To A New Life

Four years ago, when acid melted away her facial muscles, she perhaps thought all was over. Indeed, she lost her vision and her face was an ugly mess. And yet here she was on Saturday, delicately holding on to her bridal dupatta, though failing, like most brides, at handling the pale pink lehenga that probably weighed more than her. Then in the manner of demure brides, she lifted her head slightly and beamed at the man with whom she plans to spend her life. Saturday’s special wedding only proved to 23-year-old Reshma Khatun, an acid attack victim, that she could achieve whatever she wanted to.

“He threw acid on my face, but not on my dreams,” she declared as she recalled December 2014, when the man whose advances she had rebuffed stalked her, stopped near her car and threw a litre of acid on her face. She remembers the horror of feeling her faced melting away, her hair and clothes burning but being able to see nothing because she was blinded by the vitriolic liquid.

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