Hardys Tease Variation of “Broken” Gimmick in WWE! & Khali Update

Last night’s Raw was special in that we saw a bit of a different version of The Hardy Boyz on the show. After taking on Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, as well as continue feuding with the Revival last night, Raw announcer Michael Cole stated that the Hardys seemed to have had something “awoken” inside of them. The company also then posted a Raw Fallout video on their YouTube channel afterwards, and both brothers were clearly playing up their old “Broken” gimmick. Jeff mentioned that he felt “revived. I feel like a number one contender again.” Then a wide-eyed Matt stated that he also felt “revived as well, my brother. I feel triggered. I feel WOKEN!” Could the “Broken”, um, “Woken Universe” be making it’s way over to WWE soon?

The Hardys both managed to find new success for themselves after they both portrayed the wildly-entertaining “Broken” gimmick in Impact Wrestling last year. A huge legal back and fourth between the Hardys and their former employer has prevented WWE from allowing them to use the gimmick since they both returned there earlier this year. Although, it was recently reported that Anthem’s attempts to trademark multiple elements of the “Broken” gimmick were denied. WWE creating an “Awoken” Hardys gimmick could be their way of proceeding with the gimmick while also cautiously avoiding any legal disputes. Hopefully we’ll learn more about this in the next few days.
During the Smackdown-exclusive Battleground show from a few weeks back, fans were shocked to see The Great Khali make his return to WWE. Khali came out during the Punjabi Prison main event to help Jinder Mahal retain his WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Khali did not appear on Smackdown last week, and it appears that he won’t be on any other episodes going forwards. Despite being added to the Smackdown roster a few weeks ago, WWE has since moved his profile back to the Alumni section. The Great Khali is not advertised for any future WWE events in the near future either, indicating that his Battleground appearance was likely just a one-off.