3 players Lakers may pursue if they can't land 3rd star | Sporting News

The Lakers reportedly cleared enough space to sign a third max player Thursday, but they have a plan if they don’t land one.

While Los Angeles has reportedly been looking at stars like Kemba Walker, Kawhi Leonard and D’Angelo Russell in free agency, it could go off the beaten path to fill out its roster instead.

Danny Green, Terrence Ross and Seth Curry are all on the Lakers’ radar, according to ESPN and could give LeBron James pretty good complementary pieces to work with.

All three players would give the Lakers much better shooting than they had a year ago as Green (45.5 percent), Curry (45 percent) and Ross (38.3 percent) are all coming off of great shooting seasons.

Los Angeles was 29th in 3-point shooting (33.3 percent) in the NBA last season.

Green and Curry had career shooting years while Ross is coming off his third year of shooting at least 38 percent from beyond the arc.

Last season, the Lakers decided to surround James with playmakers like Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo and Michael Beasley. The team seems to have a different plan this year as it has also been linked to players like JR Smith and Kyle Korver.

All of them are good shooters and would allow James to space out the floor better than he did last year in Los Angeles.

All of that being said, the team’s No. 1 plan is to go out and get another max player in free agency and, at this point, there’s little reason to believe it won’t get someone.

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