Christophe Galtier: “I want an eleven that is at least as strong with five changes.”

In speaking with L’Équipe, new PSG coach Christophe Galtier discussed Neymar’s role within the Paris squad this season, saying he has been “clear” that the Brazilian will stay. The coach also talked about his relationship with sporting director Luis Campos, after the pair were reunited in Paris having built a title-winning squad together at Lille.

In your eyes, would Paris be stronger with Neymar than without Neymar?“A team is always stronger with great players, and Neymar is one.”

What will his role be?“We’ve talked about it a lot since the start of pre-season. I’m thinking that the players will play, by November 13th, 25 or 26 matches, so there will be a need for rotation. What I want, as well as a very strong first eleven, is that this eleven is at least as strong with five changes. In attacking areas, there will be playing time for everyone. I know where Neymar can be comfortable, whether it’s a little higher off the flank or in front of two midfielders. Neymar, like Leo, is a leader, a player who has an ability to play between the lines and to be decisive.”

Your appointment is largely down to Luis Campos. Do you feel totally independent from him? None of your decisions will be taken without his approval?“And vice versa… I believe it’s important for a coach and a sports advisor to be well aligned. If people think Luis does everything, they can think what they want to think, I know how it works.”