Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch Take Shots at Jon Jones & Ronda Rousey

ESPN spoke with both Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch at the ESPY Awards red carpet, where Seth Rollins had something to say about Jon Jones. They mentioned Rollins’ fan and UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, who Rollins called the “rightful light heavyweight champion as well.”
He said: “Jon Jones is a chump, man. He’s a chump. That’s a shoot!”
Becky was then asked about Ronda Rousey coming back. She replied: “It’s possible. I mean, she lost. We all knew what was going to happen when she lost. She was gonna go cry underneath a blanket for a little while, regather her thoughts. She’ll probably get the itch because there’s something about this business when it gets under your skin, it stays there. And we know that she doesn’t like losing so I think she’s gonna want to maybe come back and avenge her loss one day, but if she does I’ll be there holding down the fort.”
She was also asked about John Kavanagh’s comments that in one year, he could turn her into an MMA fighter, and she said that “absolutely” he could. She teased doing it, mostly if someone told her that she couldn’t do it.