Cody: “The business of the business is entertaining”

Cody appeared on Busted Open Radio late last week and discussed AEW Dynamite getting an early four-year renewal from TNT. TNT announced last week that Dynamite had been renewed through 2023, with an option on TNT’s side for a fifth year as well. The deal will make AEW profitable in 2020.
Cody talked about how the renewal was credit to the fandom for helping get TNT executives Kevin Reilly, Sam Linsky and Brett Weitz on board and discussed how fans do a lot of speculating about AEW’s success as a company. Highlights are below:
On AEW Dynamite’s renewal: “We in the last week had some indication that perhaps an extension was something that we were going to talk about sooner than we anticipated to talk about. The thing that, I think it is a really a pat on the back not to the AEW crew as much — and I don’t mean to be pandering in anyway. But the fandom, one thing that the fandom really likes is to know, ‘Hey, they’re not going anywhere.’”
On people speculating about AEW’s profitability: “The business of the business is always so entertaining. ‘Oh, what does the crowd look like. Take a picture.’ And ‘What do you think the receipts are like financially? Do you think they’re in debt, do you think they’re not,’ et cetera, et cetera. It’s entertaining. The business of the business is entertaining.”
On the support they’re getting from TNT: “But to know that this startup endeavor — this very large startup endeavor is going to be profitable in 2020, and is now really kind of part of the footprint of TNT and the partners at TNT? Kevin Reiily and Sam Linskey and Brett [Weitz, GM of TNT]. To have their beliefs in what they’re doing, I feel like they have gotten swept up in the revolution. And the only way that can happen is when you realize it’s real. And that’s just beautiful. So it’s business as usual as far as, head down and driving forward and building up our new roster, and explaining them to the audience. But it was a really special week, I’m real excited. I told my mom, because she doesn’t ever think anything I do is too great but I think she was really excited about it too.”