Royal Rumble Qualifying Matches On Raw, More On Natalya & Victoria's Cut Out

— There should be some Royal Rumble qualifying matches on Raw next week. The TV Guide preview for next Monday’s show reads: “HD, (TV-PG,V), Superstars continue to qualify for the “Royal Rumble.” (Pro Wrestling), (V=Moderate Violence)

— has video of the commercial currently airing on TV promoting the Divas of SmackDown. You can see it at the following link. However, this commercial is slightly different from the one actually running on television. In the website version, both Natalya and Victoria are briefly shown, but nowhere to be seen in the one actually running on television. A few other clips were cut out of the network version too, although Maryse, Maria, Michelle McCool, Eve Torres and The Bella Twins are still shown. It should be noted that the one running on the network is 20 seconds long, whereas the one running on the website is 30 seconds long, hence the cuts.

— SmackDown Superstar Curt Hawkins has posted a review of the Edge: A Decade of Decadence. “Well, this holiday season I finally had time to sit back and soak up some good quality DVD watching time. First on my list of course was to watch, Edge: A Decade of Decadence,” Hawkins wrote. “I’ve gotta say, even though we’ve gone our separate ways, the career of one Adam Copeland aka Edge aka the Master Manipulator aka the Rated R Superstar aka Sexton Hardcastle (well maybe not that one), has been truly amazing & utterly entertaining. It was really cool to sit back and relive all of Edge’s career highlights.” {A Decade of Decadence.}

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