Piotr Gruszka in PlusLiga again!

This week we’ve been informing you about many personal changes in Polish league. It appears to be another one – legendary Polish player is coming to help one of the teams.

This season AZS Olsztyn is not doing very well. The authorities of this club decided to do something to improve the quality of the game and also to support the mental side of young collective. Mariusz Szyszko, the president of AZS Olsztyn, confirmed the information about the deal with Piotr Gruszka. He is going to help as a receiver. What does he say about this new assignment?

“Well, AZS is looking for a support and they decided that I could be a good choice. I accepted this challenge and I hope to be very helpful to these boys. I will try to get rid of their fear of stressful situations”

Piotr Gruszka has participated in over 400 games with Polish national team. He also won silver medal of World’s Championship 2006 and European Championship 2009 (and became the MVP of this tournament). Also, for many years he has been the captain of the national team.


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