Comme des Garçons Shirt Men’s Fall 2019

Rei Kawakubo introduced patchworks of paisley prints and gingham into the Comme des Garçons Shirt collection for fall. One striking look had floral motifs on alternating panels of burgundy and mustard yellow fabrics, while the shirt’s collar sported a different flower pattern.

Patchwork popped on numerous other garments, too, including a series of oxford shirts and jackets emblazoned with 3-D shapes reminiscent of dolls made of leftover fabric bits. They were created with various materials and patterns cobbled together, such as houndstooth, tweed and cotton.

The doll-like form became a leitmotif for fall, appearing on jackets and knitwear, which also included looks rich with contrasting bands of colors and patterns.

Comme des Garçons Shirt Men's Fall 2019

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Another section of the line was comprised of punchy shirts and a hoodie featuring cartoon prints with speech balloons encompassing words like “Boom!!,” “Wham!,” “Yes!” and “No!” that Kawakubo found online, free of rights. These she reworked — often stripping the images of colors and patching them together.

Some shirting was spliced and reassembled for a two-in-one effect. Once again, Kawakubo succeeded in elevating the classics, with a twist.