Chinese Whispers: Cartier Teams up with The Palace Museum to Host Art Exhibition, and More

In “Chinese Whispers,” we share the biggest news stories about the luxury industry in China that have yet to make it into the English language.

In this week’s edition, we discuss:

Cartier‘s upcoming crossover art exhibition with China’s Palace Museum,’s plan of opening a futuristic store in Chongqing, andLululemon’s first spokesperson in China

1. Cartier’s next art exhibition in China taps into popularity of Palace Museum – Cartier

The renowned French jewelry brand Cartier has announced this week it will collaborate with China’s most influential cultural institution Palace Museum to co-host a special art exhibition at Meridian Gate from June 1 to July 31. It marks the brand’s second collaboration with the museum since Cartier successfully hosted a jewelry show there in 2009.

The upcoming exhibition themed “Beyond Boundary” will showcase over exquisite 830 art pieces including items from Cartier, the Palace Museum, as well as contributions from international art institutions like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Australia to royal families and personal collectors.

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2. said to debut the first futuristic offline store in Chongqing before the end of this year – Winsang

China’s second-largest e-commerce company will open its first futuristic, tech-driven offline shopping mall at Chongqing Putai Square later this year, a company spokesperson announced at an industry summit in Beijing earlier this week.

The 50,000-square-meter, three-floor store in Chongqing will primarily electronic products, furniture and lifestyle products. The floor plan shows the first floor is experience-oriented, allowing consumers to try on the company’s latest interactive technologies and smart devices; and the second floor is the place for entertainment, video gaming, and a kids space, while the third floor will host brands’ boutique stores. The mall is currently under construction.

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Lululemon’s Chinese spokesperson, Qu Chuxiao. Photo: Lululemon’s Weibo

3. Lululemon finds a Chinese spokesperson to aid the brand’s fast expansion in the market – Linkshop

The fast-growing high-end sportswear brand Lululemon named the Chinese actor Qu Chuxiao (屈楚萧) as its first spokesperson in the Chinese market on April 16. The 25-year-old emerging actor, who rose to fame after playing the key role in “The Wandering Earth,” China’s first commercially-successful sci-fiction film earlier this year, can help brands target consumers at the same age.

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