Lyon President Aulas has not given up on Ligue 1 returning for 2019/20 after all

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas admitted that yesterday’s news that the Bundesliga would return this month to complete its 2019/20 campaign has given him hope that in France the LFP will reverse their announcement from last week to terminate this season’s campaign.

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“We are on a bad road, it is maybe not too late to try to imagine, in terms of what is happening all over Europe, that something coherent could be done on the political side. We had until the end of August and maybe even the beginning of September to finish things. I did a little calculation this afternoon: the losses, for French football, will titillate the €700m mark because of this decision. Put simply, last season, the league generated €409m from sponsors and economic partners. We can imagine that we will lose an amount worth between €50m to €85m from that. Then the TV rights is €250m to €300m. Then the ticket sales is probably around €20m. And then there is the money for transfer that balances our accounts: €400m to €500m last year.”