Lionel Messi: “Ligue 1 has progressed lots in recent years as an increasingly balanced competition”

As reported by RMC, in speaking with PSG’s official magazine, Lionel Messi explained that Ligue 1 has improved significantly in recent years while discussing the difficulties in attempting to win the Champions League.

“This league has progressed a lot in recent years and PSG have contributed a lot. The club has significantly increased the visibility of Ligue 1 around the world. Today it’s a very competitive championship where any team is capable of beating you and hurting you. I see the French championship as an increasingly balanced competition, like football generally. Today, in this sport it’s becoming more and more difficult to win every match.”

“It’s complicated to win the Champions League because it is a competition which brings together the best teams, and where the slightest detail or the slightest error can eliminate you. I believe we have a team that can try and win it… It’s not always the best team that wins it and you have to really focus on all details and think about being the strongest team you can be. At the end of the day, it’s the strongest teams who achieve their goals. And we are on this path.”

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